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The Company

Since 1957 precast concrete
product manufacturers

UNI member - License 0260 of 12/04/2023

The Company

Edil Impianti
was established in 1957,
when the founder Guglielmo Campidelli started designing and manufacturing precast concrete structures, such as water tanks, wine tanks, breakwater structures and underground cellars. Over the years, he specialized in civil and industrial wastewater treatment, also thanks to Patrizia Campidelli - his daughter - and Claudio Guerra - his grandson - who joined him.

Nowadays, Edil Impianti is a leading company for civil and industrial wastewater treatment systems and precast concrete tanks. The latter are extremely versatile and can therefore be used to many different purposes and different applications.
Our company offers support and advice for designers, companies and institutions managing sewerage networks. Our staff is among the most skilled and qualified in this sector, both in terms of planning and manufacturing and providing on-site installation.

Constant research and development for alternative water storage and treatment systems, investing in new devices and technologies for precast concrete production make the company dynamic and ready to meet up market challenges.


24/7 assistance everywhere

We deliver, transport, and install our systems all over Italy without any intermediaries.
All our products are designed to last over time and meet current regulations, resist heavy traffic load and to be placed on the ground or half-buried.
Our precast concrete tanks manufactured in declared series are made with electromechanical devices located in our premises by specialized and qualified staff.

Our technical staff is also available for:

  • Cooperation with designers and technical offices to make the project
  • Building site assistance before, during and after the installation
  • Free on-site checks to assess feasibility and best solutions

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